Dough Mixer Food Mixer 20 Litres

●  Heavy duty for 6kg flour
●  Powerful motor with overload protector
●  Gear with high wear resistance of tin bronze,durability
●  Overall tensile bowl, without welding interface, more durable
●  Good Painting, beautiful and presentable

KSh58,000 KSh65,000

Specifications of the Dough Mixer

  • Heavy duty for 6kg flour Capacity
  • Powerful motor with overload protector
  • Gear with high wear resistance of tin bronze, durability
  • Overall tensile bowl, without welding interface,more durable
  • Good Painting, beautiful and presentable

Features Specifications of the Dough Mixer

  • Suitable for making cakes, pastries, butter, stuffing mix as well as stir flour mixture under 6kg.
  • High-quality stainless steel and stainless steel accessories, guarantee health.
  • Security guards to avoid accidents.
  • Gear has precision engineering and has special heat treatment for low noise and longer use.
  • The three-speed setting for best mixing experience.
  • Optional trip switch, stop switch security settings, ease of use.


  1. 220V ,50Hz,0.75kw
  2. Capacity:20L
  3. 3-speed:113/168/386r/min
  4. Maxing kneading capacity:6kg
  5. Net Weight:98kg
  6. Dimensions:430x540x780mm

Spare Parts:

  • The hook: used to mixing the high adhibit food by low speed, such as flour.when mixing, generally add 0.47kg water per 1kg flour.
  • The whip: used to mixing the mid adhibit food by low speed or mid-speed, such as filling.
  • The beater: used to mixing the low adhibit food by high speed, such as beat egg, butter